30 Books I’m Thankful For, Part 1 (1-10)

I’m thankful for a lot of books, but I’m narrowing it down to thirty titles for the month of November. There are things other than books I’m thankful for as well, but books are my friends when the rest of the world wishes to shut me out and kick me when I’m down.  Cheers!  Ooooh, and feel free to share titles of books you’re thankful for as well.

1. Alice In Wonderland–Lewis Carroll

I read this book rather young, but the story and the way Carroll told it stuck with me all these years. It’s one of those that will never leave you, even if you try to make it go away.

2. Wuthering Height– Emily Bronte

One of my favorite things to do while my husband and kids are sleeping is read this.  When I’m finished, I may watch one of the many film adaptations. And I cry each time I read the story and each time I watch it on television.

3. The Dark Tower (series)– Stephen King

Yup. Need I say more?

4. Bedazzled–Bertrice Small

Bertrice Small has a way of telling stories! Each book she’s written is sizzling from one end of the story to the other. For a romantic read, she’s my go-to gal.

5. Interview With A Vampire–Anne Rice

I watched the movie well before I read the book.  The film came out when I was 9, so I’m excused for this one. However, once I realized it was a book first, I read it. Again and again…

6. Guenevere, Queen of the Summer Country (part of a series and I have all of them)– Rosalind Miles

This author introduced all of my favorite Arthurian characters in a new light for me. The books are fantastic!

7. Memoirs of a Geisha–Arthur Golden

I read this in high school (the first time lol) and the story sucked me in.  It could have been written as though a ten year old was writing it and it still would have been good because of the story.  Um, it wasn’t written horribly, though. Quite the opposite.

8. The Help–Kathryn Stockett (also a beautiful movie)

Again, this one is a book I recommend solely for the story telling.

9. The Hobbit–J.R.R. Tolkien

My dad suggested this book to me when I was a kid.  I’ll never not read something he suggests–the man has great taste in books! The Hobbit is one of the best stories ever told. Let’s just hope the movie lives up to the book.

10. Dracula–Bram Stoker (Probably should be in my top three lol)

It’s no secret I love vampires, but this book is probably the reason why.  This book is also why I prefer non-sparklers with fangs as opposed to melodramatic teenagers hopping around in trees giving each other piggy back rides. Not to mention any sparkly works specifically…

2 thoughts on “30 Books I’m Thankful For, Part 1 (1-10)

  1. Interesting choices, I’ve only actually read two of these – The Hobbit and Wuthering Heights, both of which I absolutely loved and would give 5/5! But a lot of the other ones you’ve mentioned are ones I own, or desperately want to own. Looks like I’ve got lots to look forward to! 🙂

    Nice post!


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