The Cancerian Female

Folks, I know enough about the zodiac now that I feel pretty confident to share my thoughts on each of the signs.  I wrote this one a long time ago and I felt the need to share it for no apparent reason.  Keep in mind that I, myself, am a Cancerian woman, but just because I am a Cancer doesn’t mean that I wrote all about me.  There are other influences in my chart, too, so I used my general knowledge and research and also included things I learned from other Cancerian female friends of mine.  I’ll post some other zodiac related articles sometime later, too. As it is, here you have it….



The Cancerian female is one of the few on the face of the planet that no one can quite figure out as easily as other zodiac signs can be decoded. She is a mystery to many. Ruled by the moon, she is much like the moon itself, moods ever changing.

She is beauty, floats on air, and has the powers of the moon and the ocean both behind her. True to the crab, she is soft on the inside, but she’ll never let you see that side of her until you break down the barrier of her hard outer shell that barricades her true self to the inside. Unfortunately, being able to break down that outer shell/barrier that she puts up is not that easy for others to accomplish. She will guard her inner self with her very life. She’ll also guard the ones she loves with the exact same passion. Don’t mess with a Cancerian’s loved ones because if you do, you’ll get the pinchers!

These women are smart, too; very studious. They are often avid readers and are said to be quite intelligent, and it shows! She will have a recipe for anything you ask for on hand at any moment in time, and will be the first to show up on your doorstep with homemade soup when you are sick. She’ll also be the very first to tuck tail and run when she finds out you’re contagious.

Cancers are natural mothers. They need no manuals for motherhood. They know it all by spirit and by instinct. They will mother you to death, in fact, if you would allow it. Nurturing and caring beyond anyone else you will ever meet, they make excellent nurses and even better adoptive mothers.

Cancer friendships:

To their friends, they are the keepers of all secrets, the “therapists,” the one you come to when you need to vent, and the one you come to when you need advice, though don’t expect them to give you the advice that you want. A Cancerian woman will give you the truth, even if you don’t want to hear it. At least she’ll break it to you as easily as possible, and offer you hugs and warmth when you break down and cry.

If you are lucky enough to be friends with one of these phenomenal women, expect lots of fun from them. Don’t expect to go out much, though. They are homebodies by nature. They will suggest a dinner party at home, a movie rental night at their house complete with homemade pizzas and hand made snacks, or something along those lines.

However, when the Cancer lady decides to go out and party with the ladies, expect for her to totally drag home a bunch of admirers. The reason behind this is that she radiates sexuality from every single pore, and often, she doesn’t even know that she’s doing it. She’s the girl that stands against the walls, instead of dancing with her friends, that attracts the man who everyone else is scared to approach. She’s also the one most likely to be sick going home because she doesn’t drink much and has a lower tolerance to alcohol than everyone else, unless she’s one of the few who drinks at home to soothe herself.

**Special note– I am married to a Cancerian male.  Sometimes, if your charts are balanced in a certain way I guess, two incompatible signs can get alone just fine lol**
In romantic relationships, our Cancer gal is usually the one that cares the most, and she’s okay with that, though secretly wishes her significant other would be more like Don Juan every now and then. She will love her man (or woman) with every single fiber of her being because she knows that he deserves that and so much more. She nurtures (mentioning this again!), making sure that he has clean laundry, hot food when he comes home from work, and a message when his body aches.

She will take care of her man in a million ways, but she can also be somewhat clingy and over emotional in relationships, which can turn some men way off, but that’s just who she is, and she rarely apologizes for it. She’s also very moody. That’s just because her moods change as the moon does.

As her lover, you should take special care to spend extra time on her breasts, buttocks, and back. It would also give you some serious brownie points to linger a little longer than necessary over her collar bone. For some reason, Cancer girls seem to really love that.

If a Cancer gal shall deem you worthy to be HER lover, consider yourself very lucky. She is very picky about who she lets between her 100% cotton sheets. She is thorough, and is sure to give you the experience that you need, want, and then some. She will make sure that you KNOW she loves you in more ways than one.

Those who seem to match well with a Cancerian woman are Taurus, Pisces, Virgo, Scorpio, and Leo. Worst matches: Aries and Cancer men.

With a Taurus male, the Cancerian woman will feel comfortable, which is important to her. Taurus is said to be the BEST match for Cancer women, but I will dispute this until the end of my days. They’re great together, but not the best. Eventually, life will get boring with this couple (in my opinion).

With a Pisces man, Cancer ladies will feel like she’s with Don Juan. He will daydream with her until the cows come home. Their sex life will sizzle beyond belief, and both will be on cloud nine. These two will construct and plan out elaborate costumes and playwear to use in their bedroom for role playing games! Where money is concerned, these two balance each other out. Cancer gal will set a budget, and Pisces will marvel at how the concept of budgeting works (cause he’s never used one!). Strong relationships and marriages are made with this combination.

With a Virgo man, things take on a different dynamic. He will protect her, always be sure that she is taken care of above all else (even above his own needs), and will care for those she loves as well in most cases. Cancer gal will love the way he stakes a claim on her! Sex between these two REALLY sets the (very clean, cause Virgo will change them every time you sit on them) sheets on fire! These two will use toys, role play, whatever Virgo introduces her to (cause she hasn’t tried those things before lol). Virgo is a serious calculator, and as a frugal person herself, Cancer will love this part of his nature. When she is sick, he will take care of her (wearing a germ-free breathing mask while he cares for her, though). Also, strong marriages and relationships can form from this pairing.

Cancer and fellow water sign, Scorpio will mesh very well together also, as long as Scorpio man doesn’t get creepy. The Scorpio male’s nature is extremely competitive and masculine, and that will lure a shy Cancer gal right in. Sex, of course, will be awesome for both partners. He’ll love that she wants more closeness from him, and she’ll love the things that Scorpio can do! Very good chance for a lasting relationship or marriage here, too.

Leo men and Cancer women work well sometimes too. Leo males are a bit competitive, but with strong hearts. As the lion that he is, he will battle the fiercest competitors to win her heart, and we all know that Cancerian ladies are all about the romance! In the sack, however, things will cool down quickly if this couple doesn’t work to be sure that it doesn’t. Leo spends money like it’s nothing, which will ultimately annoy Cancer ladies, but this is a trivial thing, because once she sets a few budget boundaries (and makes him think it was HIS idea) things will be alright again. Again, good chance for a lasting relationship or marriage.

In a crab shell, these ladies are mysterious, smart, sensual, deeply in tune with their sixth senses (because they all have them), and quite moody, thanks to the moon. She keeps a small number of friends, but when she makes a new one, she intends to keep the friendship forever. Choosey with her lovers, and even choosier with a life mate, she is one to love and cherish. You won’t find her having one night stands and it’s very rare that she would ever cheat on a mate. She is one of the most loyal people that you will meet, and if you betray HER trust, consider your relationship or friendship with her void.

Things I’ll Do In 2013…Maybe

Christmas is in just a few days and I’ll be pretty busy, so I’ve decided to go ahead and write out my list of hopeful accomplishments and resolutions for 2013.  Sometimes, when the wind blows a certain way (lol), I actually follow them.  We’ll just see if I can do it this year…


1– I will write one novel in 2013.  I think this is not an overly ambitious goal, seeing as I wrote Willow Lake in three weeks last summer (I think it was June, but I really can’t remember exactly what month it was).  When I get a solid, rocking idea for a book, everything flows so well for me.  I am, unfortunately, not like those more fortunate writers who can flip a creativity switch and have a bestseller, although I wish I could do that!  For me, writing one novel a year is realistic because I have struggled pretty hard this year with writer’s block. Let’s hope next year doesn’t know what writer’s block even is!

**Willow Lake Update**  I have not found a publisher yet.  YET.  I will.  Keep your knickers on, folks. 

2– I will write and submit three short stories for anthology calls.  I would love for them to be chosen, but my goal isn’t to have them published, just written and submitted.  Short story writing is where I lack a little because when I write, I sometimes forget to stop… Everything in my head wants its own novel.

3--I will blog at least once a week. Sometimes I neglect my little blog and that just simply has to stop.

4– I will clear out half the contents of my closet.  I have entirely too many clothes and there are so many things that I don’t/can’t wear and they just need to GO.

5– I will grow some tomatoes this year.  I have a green thumb, but I’m pretty lazy.  This year, I’ll grow some nice, plump, juicy tomatoes and maybe can some of them.  Maybe I’ll make salsa like my step-dad does if I can get him to share his recipe.

6– I will take the kids to the park more this summer.  Not always easy with  my husband’s work schedule, but this summer we need to get out a little more.

7– I will work on a YA novel and at least have it finished by this time next year. I’ve thought about writing YA before, but never gave it a shot and I think I’d be pretty good at it.

8– I will cut back on coffee a little bit.  Stop laughing, I sort of almost mean that.

9– I will go down another three sizes.  I’ve already gone down two sizes since last spring. I can do it.  Not at all unrealistic as long as I can remember to stop baking awesome stuff.

10– I will continue growing my hair back out.  It was once really, really, freakishly long.  Like, past my rear long.  Last summer I cut it. I regret it. I miss my freakishly long hair and I’ll get it back if it takes two more years to grow it.  It’s still pretty darn long now but I want it longer again.


2013 Television

2013 will probably be a pretty exciting year for me because I’ve actually allowed myself to enjoy a few television shows.  I haven’t gotten into this big of a tizzy about television since I was 9 and discovered Luke Perry on 90210.  Here are the shows I’m looking forward to in 2013!

BORGIA– Not “The Borgias” on Showtime.  Borgia features every single horror you could possibly imagine ever actually happening in history.  Before the mafia, there was the Borgia family–and that’s not just a gimmick.  It’s true.  Life was brutal for them, but more brutal for those who got in their way.  The Borgia family, headed by patriarch Rodrigo Borgia, handled their social climbing by any means necessary, including (but not limited to) a never ending string of murder and betrayal.  Rodrigo, practically seething to become the next pope, is absolutely depraved in his climb to the top.  Depraved, but also (for some strange reason) lovable. If you want more information about the Borgia family, Wikipedia’s article on the odd but addicting bunch is here. 

Some say the actors in Borgia are not as good looking as the actors in the crap Showtime series, but I’ll debunk that rumor quite quickly.  I give you exhibit A, Cesare Borgia:

Ohhh, Cesare.  If only you didn't have such a thing for your sister.
Ohhh, Cesare. If only you didn’t have such a thing for your sister.

Also, exhibit B, the rest of the amazing cast:

Borgia full

Keep in mind that Lucrezia Borgia was not all sweet and innocent.  On Showtime they do a decent job of portraying her as a damsel in distress who just has to have a smirk when she does something naughty.  In Borgia (the good one), Lucrezia is portrayed very much like every other young lady in those times until she’s thrown into the world of politics and then she really begins to show her strength and her true ruthless character.  I hate to say it (since history tells us that Lucrezia just loved to poison folks for the hell of it), but I love her.

Lucrezia Borgia

The new season of Borgia starts soon, but I’m not altogether certain when. I’m sure I’ll be gushing about it the moment I find out.



There is very little information about this show, but it is said to start sometime in early 2013.  The cast is also very nearly a mystery, however we do know that Jonathan Rhys Meyers will be none other than Dracula himself.  Now, when I first saw him spout out the infamous words “I’m the King of England!” on Showtime in his portrayal of Henry VIII, I thought to myself, he really outta be a bloodsucker… And now he is! I should make my wishes and thoughts known much more often. Now, my absolute love for JRM aside, I have to admit that this is going to either be absolutely epic or a total flop.  I wanted him to be a vampire, but I have a hard time seeing him as Dracula.  We shall see what happens there soon enough.

So, that’s pretty much all I’ve got for ya.  I know, right.  Total ripoff of a post lol.  Actually, I loved the BBC’s version of Being Human, too, but my favorite vampire is no longer on the show and it got dull for  me after about the fourth season, so I’ve abandoned it for now. I may watch more later, but not until after the second season of Borgia and the first season of Dracula are completely watched.

Which shows are you interested in this coming year?  I hate that there is an absolute lack in proper entertainment these days.  I hate reality shows with a passion! Yeah, so you won’t find Honey Boo Boo on my television set any time soon.

In Memorandum of Sandy Hook Elementary Victims and Survivors

sandy hook

Today, I’d like to take just a moment to recognize the victim’s of the Sandy Hook Elementary School and also to recognize the heroes who stood between gunfire and their students, some loosing their own lives in the process.

I don’t feel the need to post photos of everyone as the families (from what I understand) have requested their privacy.

That being said, take just a moment out of your busy life to recognize that there are families in Connecticut who are staring–possibly right now, at this very moment–at a Christmas tree filled with presents for children who will never be able to open them because an idiot decided to shoot them down shamelessly.  As a parent who has lost a child, I can’t even begin to imagine the pain they are going through. I had three days to prepare myself for the worst when my son lay dying. These parents sent their children to school that morning and all of them thought their precious babies would be coming home that evening to do homework and watch Sesame Street.

Also, the asshole members of the Westboro Baptist Church are planning to protest the funerals of the victims of the shooting.  There is a petition you can sign to have the so-called “church” legally recognized as a hate group, which they SHOULD be recognized as, so if you feel so inclined to sign this petition, please do so.  The link is here.

I want to ask that you, as my readers, say a special prayer for the victims and survivors and their families.  No matter what religion you are, do whatever it is that you do.  For anyone affected by this tragedy, should you come across my post, just know that the entire nation and much of the rest of the world is grieving with you.  We’ve got your backs and God Bless You.


5 Reasons Why Being A Writer SUCKS…

187I posted 5 Reasons Why Being A Writer Is Awesome a few days ago, so I feel it’s only fitting to post the cons as well as the pros, eh? I may prattle a little because I, like most human beings, love to whine about things…So, here is my list and, by all means, feel free to add your own in comments below!

1.  Finding time to write is a real pain sometimes if you, like me, have a family and…ya know…a life outside of the word docs.  This is something that I struggle with on a regular basis because I have to have music and solitude in order to work.  Solitude in a house with four children is almost nonexistent, yet I still manage to find it sometimes–like when they’re all asleep!

2. Writers get rejected an awful lot lol… If you write, you have to eventually submit your work to publishing companies.  Chances are, not everyone is going to like every little thing that comes out of your imagination, so if you’ve been doing the writing thing for any amount of time, you probably have entire folders in your email account full of nothing but rejections and, let’s face it, some of them are rather cold! Submitting, to me, is like standing on your front porch naked and waiting for neighbors and passersby to make comments about every little flaw you have in the hopes that just ONE of them will like what they see.  Yeah–sometimes it hurts.

3. WRITER’S BLOCK!!!  Even the pros struggle with this.  The best medicine for writer’s block, in my experience, is to just write through it.  Write something, anything–just write.  Even if it sucks, you’re writing and your brain is still working a little bit and eventually you may become focused enough to write something that doesn’t suck.  Also, if you have any of your own tips for writer’s block, please share them–I’m always looking for new writer’s block medicine lol.

4. Reviews are great, but sometimes they’re not so nice. I feel like this one is pretty self explanatory. Reviewers are, for the most part, just people.  Not everyone is going to love your work, but sometimes people say things that aren’t very nice and throw out personal attacks against the author–I’ve seen this one happen, though it’s never happened to me.

5.  My last reason why being a writer sucks has to do with other people’s assumptions.  Writers are not rich.  Royalties for an anthology are never that much (if you make anything at all) and book royalties are not that much, either.  Unless you’re Stephen King or Anne Rice, you’re probably not going to make enough to live off of until you’ve written a substantial amount of books and have formed a rather large fan base and that’s often easier said than done.  People won’t know you’re even alive until you’ve pimped yourself purple and really REALLY marketed your book with every avenue possible.  It sucks, but it’s okay. I’m a firm believer that if you just keep it up and keep going, you can’t really go anywhere other than up.  Uh, but the process still sucks.

Photos of the week

I was just going through some of the photos on my computer and decided that some of these are rather comical and I thought I’d share…

027This is my daughter, Corra, planking…Well, I guess that’s what she was doing.

labyrinth pic of meThis is me when I was 9 years old and had just received my very first copy of my favorite movie in the entire world, Labyrinth.  It wasn’t the first time I’d seen it, just the first time I owned it lol.

com 060This is my dad and my daughter, Allysa.  They’re both silly.

006My two silly boys… Yes.  My son has a blue tongue.

025Allysa is pretty proud of her candy nabbing abilities…

Keisha's wedding and stuff 053My niece, Kaydee, and I at my brother-in-law’s wedding.  I look pretty snazzy in pearls, huh! lol.

TPhoto_00242Awkward face photo of me and my oldest daughter, Allysa.  I don’t know what on earth kinda face that was I was making.

TPhoto_00344Another awkward photo.  This time it’s my son, Allen, and I.

On the mountain 074My nephew, Kaleb, making a “derp” face…lol. I miss that kid.

TPhoto_00238Corra…again.  That child is just NOT right sometimes…

Sanya's wedding 035Bleeding wedding cake that I made…

Parade and dad's visit 001Allysa and her zombies…

Parade and dad's visit 176My family is a little old fashioned…

Sanya's wedding 034Me…in a men’s room at a wedding.  Don’t ask.

5 Reasons Why Being A Writer Is Awesome…

My happy writer face...always pondering!
My happy writer face…always pondering!

1.  In one book, I can explore the galaxy, shoot a woolly mammoth with a pea shooter and escape unscathed, romance a vampire, and escape a zombie horde by skin of my teeth.  In another, I can ponder life and death.  In yet another, I can spout poetry and flowery words until I’m blue in the face…I can do whatever I want to because I’m the one telling the story.

2.  If I’m angry with someone, I can just send them to The Demon King and he’ll have them drawn and quartered before you can say Tiltithe Castle.

3. There is always a perfect explanation for talking to myself.  I’m just going over dialogue or working on character development.

4.  There is always an excuse for Googling how to bake cow brains and how to build your own mud hut in one sitting.  Along those same lines, if I wander out into my yard and thrust myself face first into three feet of snow for no reason, my neighbors will just assume that I’m researching for another novel.  Nothing funny about that whatsoever.

5. I finally have a good use for all those imaginary friends I made up as a kid.  Who knew one day The Demon King would actually have a use? 😀


If you have anything to add to this list, please share in the comments!