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Things I’ll Do In 2013…Maybe

Christmas is in just a few days and I’ll be pretty busy, so I’ve decided to go ahead and write out my list of hopeful accomplishments and resolutions for 2013.  Sometimes, when the wind blows a certain way (lol), I actually follow them.  We’ll just see if I can do it this year…


1– I will write one novel in 2013.  I think this is not an overly ambitious goal, seeing as I wrote Willow Lake in three weeks last summer (I think it was June, but I really can’t remember exactly what month it was).  When I get a solid, rocking idea for a book, everything flows so well for me.  I am, unfortunately, not like those more fortunate writers who can flip a creativity switch and have a bestseller, although I wish I could do that!  For me, writing one novel a year is realistic because I have struggled pretty hard this year with writer’s block. Let’s hope next year doesn’t know what writer’s block even is!

**Willow Lake Update**  I have not found a publisher yet.  YET.  I will.  Keep your knickers on, folks. 

2– I will write and submit three short stories for anthology calls.  I would love for them to be chosen, but my goal isn’t to have them published, just written and submitted.  Short story writing is where I lack a little because when I write, I sometimes forget to stop… Everything in my head wants its own novel.

3--I will blog at least once a week. Sometimes I neglect my little blog and that just simply has to stop.

4– I will clear out half the contents of my closet.  I have entirely too many clothes and there are so many things that I don’t/can’t wear and they just need to GO.

5– I will grow some tomatoes this year.  I have a green thumb, but I’m pretty lazy.  This year, I’ll grow some nice, plump, juicy tomatoes and maybe can some of them.  Maybe I’ll make salsa like my step-dad does if I can get him to share his recipe.

6– I will take the kids to the park more this summer.  Not always easy with  my husband’s work schedule, but this summer we need to get out a little more.

7– I will work on a YA novel and at least have it finished by this time next year. I’ve thought about writing YA before, but never gave it a shot and I think I’d be pretty good at it.

8– I will cut back on coffee a little bit.  Stop laughing, I sort of almost mean that.

9– I will go down another three sizes.  I’ve already gone down two sizes since last spring. I can do it.  Not at all unrealistic as long as I can remember to stop baking awesome stuff.

10– I will continue growing my hair back out.  It was once really, really, freakishly long.  Like, past my rear long.  Last summer I cut it. I regret it. I miss my freakishly long hair and I’ll get it back if it takes two more years to grow it.  It’s still pretty darn long now but I want it longer again.



9 thoughts on “Things I’ll Do In 2013…Maybe

    • I’m going to TRY to cut back on coffee. As it is right now, I drink anywhere from 1/2 a pot to 2 pots of coffee on my own every day, with the norm being a pot and a half. That’s entirely too much go juice lol.


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