To Travel Or Not To Travel…That Is The Question. Or is it?

time_travelSometimes it’s fun to look at artwork from different ages and think about what it would be like to be the subject of said artwork.  For example, if you could be one of the ladies or gentlemen in Louis VII’s court. Or if you could be an Egyptian Pharaoh. Think about all the differences in the world that have taken place from one age to the next–from the beginning of time where we (human beings) basically wandered about in loin cloths with no shoes to Ancient Egypt where everyone wore golden neck pieces and worshiped cats to the Victorian Era when everyone wore corsets and it just wasn’t dandy without your brandy.  And then now, when we are all hooked into the interwebs, still worship cats, but wear clothing that is much more comfortable and easy to come by.

I’m not saying that we all have closets full of top designer labels, but it’s so easy to walk into a JC Penny and pick up some jeans and tee shirts, whereas a few centuries ago (or less) people made their clothes.  Making clothes, depending on the era, was a bit of a difficulty.  The cloth and other materials had to come from somewhere, right? Animal pelts, cotton, and other fabrics had to be made and conditioned before you could even start on your new dress or shirt.

There are other differences in time and place that astound me, also.  Like food.  Today, we shop in grocery stores and drive right through eateries to get what we want, but in times past, that wasn’t so. You had to either kill or grow your food, or both. People still kill and grow their own food, but in a much easier way than before.  Cavemen clubbed their dinner and many a caveman lost his life or a few limbs to hungry critters in the process.  Today, hunters have guns and bows.  Also, grocery shopping has changed.  During the first years of the United States history, colonists could trade with each other for things they need or venture out into small general stores for grains and goods, but today everything is shipped in big trucks.

Holy crap! There I am. Well, that's it. I can't go back in time NOW...
Holy crap! There I am. Well, that’s it. I can’t go back in time NOW…

So, let me ask you this.  Knowing that today you have grocery stores, air conditioning, and comfortable, easily accessible clothes, would you travel back in time to another age when things weren’t so easy?  If you were given the chance to stay here or go there, would you go out of curiosity?

And if you DID go, where and when would you go?

I could think of a million reasons to stay right here in the 21st century, but I can think of a million more reasons to go back to medieval times, even though it’s likely I’d get myself burnt at the stake within a month.  Life is a journey and I prefer to explore it rather than stay tucked safely inside my little house. And knowledge is power, right? So maybe I could avoid the plague and keep myself healthy enough to avoid being burnt at the stake, also.

Thoughts welcome.

2 thoughts on “To Travel Or Not To Travel…That Is The Question. Or is it?

  1. I’d love to visit the Roman Republic. Maybe re-enact Lest Darkness Fall. (If you’re looking for a great time travel book, check it out. It’s the best I’ve read.) I just love classical history, and public baths sound fun. Plus, I’ve always loved Latin, and I’d be able to introduce a bunch of stuff to try to get rich. Arabic numerals, chess, poker, &c would probably be the easiest to introduce… I really ought to learn some more useful things, just in case…


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