Alternatives to 50 Shades of Grey…

There are a few books I feel aren’t getting the right amount of attention right now.

50 ShadesOne of them is an erotica anthology with lots and lots of merit.  For starters, it’s called Fifty Shades of Decay.  You just can’t go wrong with decaying eroticism, can you?  No, no you can’t. I won’t go into why I completely dislike 50 Shades of Grey, but I will say that I don’t like it and I refuse to tell people to read it.  For those who have never read erotica before in their entire lives, I can see why it lures them in, but for others, like me, who know what good erotica is versus horrible shit the toilet monster coughed up and called a book, it’s just bad, bad, BAD.  Okay, rant over.

So, with that being said, you should all check out Fifty Shades of Decay and get an entire anthology of awesome undead erotica.

Also, you could try some nice, cozy, Anne Rice erotica.  YES, Anne Rice’s writing goes way beyond the vampires and witches we all know and love.   Under the pen name A.N. Roquelaure, Anne penned three naughty BDSM style novels.  The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty’s Punishment, and Beauty’s Release were released in 1983-1985.  I can personally vouch for these books.  Each one has tasty surprises waiting behind every single page and the characters are absolutely magnificent.  Brilliantly written, the series is a must have for erotica readers.

Wikipedia gives more information about the books and a small synopsis for each one here.

One of my favorite erotica authors is Elizabeth Black.  Elizabeth’s stories are always interesting, but more than that, her characters are very imaginative.  Elizabeth’s story, Purr, is available on Amazon right now and is FREE for kindle download. I’d snap it up if I were you.

Nice cover, huh! WOO!
Nice cover, huh! WOO!


Teresa D. Patterson– Uncrossing Her Legs is FREE for Kindle download right now.  I can vouch for this lady.  She knows what she’s doing!  

D.L. King– Check out The Sweetest Kiss, available on Amazon.  I have this book. It ROCKS. Lots of vampy goodness in there.

Cassie Ryan–Seducing the Succubus is now available on Amazon as well and is in Kindle and paperback formats.  Go get some! Just one question, folks…just how exactly does one seduce a succubus?  Guess we’ll have to read the book to find out, huh… 😀  With absolute pleasure, of course.

Dahlia Rose– Dahlia has an awesome online presence and is one of the nicest, realist authors I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with via Facebook.  😀  This book, Army Beasts 2042, caught my eye on her author page because the cover is delicious and it has an even more delicious price.

Red VelvetMitzi Szereto– Mitzi’s anthology, Red Velvet and Absinthe, is absolutely magnificent.  There are dark forces afoot.  Dark, sexy forces.  Also, I want to add that I did try to make this image bigger (the one on the left here), but for some reason I couldn’t.  So sorry!

Stephanie Burke– The Perfect Spice is available through Changeling Press.  The site gives a very enticing description, too!

He knew he was not supposed to watch. But she was so perfect, so hot, so hungry….

                                   And now the master has discovered his trespass. Whatever Master has planned for his punishment will be sure to add the Perfect Spice to his                             slavery.

Clare Dargin–Cold Warriors is available on Amazon right now and also the price is quite nice.  I don’t see a link for paperback, so this may be one of the many ebook only books, which is all the more reason to download the Kindle for PC app if you don’t already have it. Check out Clare Dargin, folks!

Sierra Cartwright, Cherise Sinclair, and Belinda McBride– Doms of Dark Haven is a multi-author anthology featuring one story by each author.  The cover is very nice, the price is also nice, and the reviews seem to speak very highly of the stories.  Check it out!

Also, from Belinda McBride is Blacque/Bleu.  The link to the Amazon buy page for this one is here. 

So, now that you have a good starting off list, go do your thing.  If you want to download these books and get a cheaper price and aren’t quite sure how to do that, it’s okay. If you don’t own a Kindle and don’t want to shell out the dough to buy one, you can download the FREE Kindle for PC app and it works just as well as long as you don’t mind reading on your computer.  Also, I think there are other kindle apps too, but I use the Kindle for PC because it’s free.  I’m cheap like that.

…and I just realized that I have just completed a whole page full of advertisements for Amazon without even realizing I was doing it.  Heh!  Well, at least you erotica starved folks like me out there now have some suggestions.

Don’t worry.  You can all thank me later.  I like cake and my birthday is in July. Me today

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