Best YA Vampire Books I’ve Read

I haven’t pimped any books lately, so I thought I’d gather a list of YA vampire books I think you should check out.   Remember, these books are all on this list because they were favorites of mine at one point or another or are still a favorite of mine.

My preciousss.....
My preciousss…..

1) First, it’s been brought to my attention that there is a Thirst No.5 by Christopher Pike! How I missed this is well beyond me.  I already own the first four so now I have to make it my mission to buy the 5th and any subsequent books he brings forth to the world of vampire goodness.  The first four books are awesome and I love his female vampire lead (Sita…such a lovely, lovely name), the way he describes surroundings, and the way he moves his stories. Keep in mind that each Thirst book is made up of about three YA novels he wrote previously in the 90’s, so this is like repackaged goodness with a little bow wrapped around it.  Although, in this case, the boy may or may not have been dragged through a blood filled mud hole first (cause that’s how Pike rolls–always action packed!).  You should also consider that, though these are YA novels, there is absolutely very little young adult about them.  Adults who do not read young adult books will love them, too.  AAAAANNNNNDDDD, when compared to the Twilight books, I think Christopher Pike has better vampires and story lines.  There is something for every vampire lover in here, but no sparkling and no dancing through the treetops piggy back style.



2)  Companions of the Night by Vivian Vande Velde.  This author is wonderful and writes beautifully.  The book that comes to mind when I hear her name, however, is Companions of the Night.  It’s not a long book (more novella length than novel length), so you can possibly read it in one sitting, but the story is built incredibly.  The characters are wonderful and the terrifying at the same time.  Vande Velde’s vampires are absolutely horrible monsters, which is a plus in my book.  



3) The Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis Klaus.   This book is the one that made me really think about writing vampire fiction.  I’m still thinking about writing more vampires and vampires are creatures I’ll never shy away from all because of this little gem of a book.  I’m told this was the author’s very first book, which makes sense because every single little detail is absolutely meticulously thought out.  The story centers around a young girl named Zoe and a somewhat brooding vampire named Simon.  I don’t want to give out spoilers because that’s just not nice, but I will say that vampire authors everywhere could learn a thing or two from this story.  It doesn’t have a fairy tale ending–and who says all books have to have a fairy tale ending anyhow?  What it does have, however, is a satisfying ending because it’s more real than most.

Also, from Annette Curtis Klaus is a book called Blood and Chocolate (werewolves this time).  Sound familiar?  That’s because some genius made it into a movie, although the movie isn’t exactly like the book. It still ROCKS.

blood and choclate



Also, I’ll be posting something other than book listings and suggestions in the next few days.  The last few weeks have been hectic and I’ve had little blogging time 😀 ~Rhiannon.

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