The Truth About Witches (from a non-witch)

local childrenThe rumor mill in the small town I live in–or at least in my corner of it–is absolutely hilarious sometimes.  I’ve been everywhere and done everything according to the clucking cluckers I’ve encountered, and nearly 99% of it is untrue.  Recently, I’ve been accused of being a witch.  The kind that rides a broom, has a wart, and boils children alive under the full moon, or whatever. I’ve been accused of a lot of things, but for some reason, the witch thing keeps coming back.  I’m starting to think I should write a book about it (grins!).

I laugh at this because it’s absolutely ridiculous.  Obviously, some folks wouldn’t know a real witch if she walked right out of the broom closet in front of them. Or he. Men are witches, too.

The truth is, witches really are out there.  They walk among us! In peace, though.  Keep in mind, I’m not doing any research whatsoever for this post.  I’m sharing with you things I already know because some folks have knowledge about witches that is even more limited than mine.  What I do know is that witches aren’t out to snatch your kids from their beds at night or turn random people into frogs.  They are more likely to have a basket of organic apples on their coffee tables than carry a basket of poisoned ones through the woods–really? Who does this anyhow?–and, I’m assuming none of them are out to get anyone.  They don’t have magic mirrors on their walls and could care less who is the fairest one of all.

Real witches are Pagans and Wiccans.  They live all over the place and they’re nice people.  Upstanding citizens.  They pay taxes and raise well rounded children like everyone else.  I can’t speak for all of them, but I doubt they have nasty warts on their noses.  If they do, there is surgery and creams that can cure that kinda thing these days.  If you have a nasty wart, though, I’m willing to bet you could find a natural cure for it if you were to come out of your shell a little bit and ask a real witch for one.

And while we’re on the subject, I’d also suggest you do some research before you accuse someone of witchcraft without knowing the facts.  Things like this caused many, many women and men to lose their lives and be burnt at the stake in centuries past.   Show those people some respect and stop being an idiot already.

To my pagan and wiccan friends, Blessed Be.

See.  That’s how you treat everyone equally. Not hard, is it?

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