A chat with Eric S. Brown

Eric S. Brown, author.
Eric S. Brown, author.

Eric S. Brown is one of the busiest authors I’ve had the pleasure of conversing with.  This guy is always, always, always working on something.  From Bigfoot to comics, he’s got his hands in more than one cookie jar.  I’ve read Eric’s work and I can honestly say I’m always entertained. I was lucky enough to snatch a few precious moments of this guy’s time and I asked him some questions.

Me:  What are you working on at present?

ESB:  I am working on the script for the fourth issue of Unstoppable Origins.  It’s one of two comic books I am now the writer on.

Me:  A lot of writers have to have things arranged a certain way before they can write.  For example: I know a certain writer who can’t write a single sentence without her Joe Camel beer huggy (not to name any names, here).  Are there any little quirks in your writing process?

ESB:  If I am writing something strange like Jack Bunny Bam Bam and the Weeper Apocalypse, I really like to listen to Weird Al.  Al’s music is amazing, fun, and very inspirational.

My personal favorite Eric S. Brown character. . .
My personal favorite Eric S. Brown character. . .

Me:  What was the most memorable moment you have ever had through your writing career?

ESB:  I will never forget the day I got my first two acceptance letters.  They both came in the mail on the same day and I was calling all my family and friends to say that not one but two magazines like my first short story enough to publish it.  But also when David Drake blurbed my new Military SF book co-authored by Tony Faville was a huge one too.  I grew up reading Drake and learned to write from studying his style.  I had corresponded with Mr. Drake for sometime but when he agreed to read Homeworld I was walking around on eggshells for a while.  I mean the KING of Military SF was reading my first effort in that genre.  When he wrote back and said he enjoyed it and gave me a cover blurb, well, I think I am still grinning from that.   You know you’ve made to a degree when your childhood hero blurbs your book.

Me:  Are you a plotter or a pantser? (**For definitions of these strange writer terms, see the bottom of this post**)

ESB:  I am so a pantser.  I seem to have a never ending stream of writing projects that come at plus I am a Mr. Mom with two kids.  I tend to do everything on the fly.  I also believe in letting my characters write the story as it goes rather than mapping everything out in advance.

Me:  For readers who have never read your work, which book or piece would you recommend reading first?

For those who didn't know, Bigfoot War is a series! And how 'bout those covers, eh? Nice!
For those who didn’t know, Bigfoot War is a series! And how ’bout those covers, eh? Nice!

ESB:  Depends on what you enjoy.  If you like horror, I would say Bigfoot War.  It was the original Sasquatch apocalypse book out there.  It’s intense survival horror and has over 100 five star reviews on Amazon.  If you enjoy Military SF like I do and love books like the Hammer’s Slammers series or the Honor Harrington series or even just war stuff in general, I would say Homeworld.  Both are available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats.  And lastly, if you’re just looking to see me at my best as a writer, I would try Jack Bunny Bam Bam and the Weeper Apocalypse.  That book is so crazy there are no words.

Thank you, Eric, for dropping by!  If any of you are interested in his work, I’ll go ahead and throw out Eric’s Amazon Author profile link (below) and also give my two cents.  If I were you, I’d go ahead and buy Jack Bunny Bam Bam and the Weeper Apocalypse.  It’s a great story, but also very nuts. NUTS, I tell ya! Entertainment, definitely.  

Also, don’t forget to give him a good, honest review if you do decide to check him out–which, you totally should–and share the links on Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and any other sites you frequent.  Remember, an author cannot continue to bring you awesome books if we don’t show them a little bit of support! 

Eric S. Brown’s Amazon Author Page

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**Definitions for non-writers who probably had no clue what a pantser or a plotter were–

Pantser- A person who flies by the seat of their pants. These writers just sit down and start writing with very little clue as to where their story is going, but for them, it works. 

Plotter- A plotter thinks everything out first.  They plot out every little detail from start to finish with sometimes very detailed notes and outlines.  

If ya ask me, pantsing is a lot more fun, but hey–whatever works for you!  Also, here is a neat blog post about the subject of pantsing vs. plotting. ** 

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