Bones Of Willow Lake Q&A

The release date for my upcoming novel, BONES OF WILLOW LAKE, is pending. The cover is being created, though, which is a big step in the right direction. Over the past year I’ve been asked a few questions about the book and I’ve decided that since the time is coming, I could do a quick questions and answers post, just for the heck of it.

Q: Are there vampires?
A: No.

Q: Is the lake haunted?
A: Maybe.

Q: When can I buy it?
A: When you read a post in my blog, on facebook, or elsewhere that announces a release LOL.

Q: Is there a sequel coming to The Demon King?
A: Wrong book! But, I’m still working on it. Still. All these years later.

Q: Is it bloody?
A: Yes, but not through the entire book. Just parts.

Q: How did the ghost die?
A: Read the book and find out. I refuse to ruin it!

Q: Will there be a giveaway?
A: Yes, there will be a few giveaways, actually. Several, if I can manage it 😀 But, if you want to win a signed copy, there will be one specific giveaway for that one and it won’t be too easy to win. Print copies are copies I tend to make you work for. I’m horrible like that.

And there we have it. 😀

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