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12 Things I’m Watching For Halloween

In anticipation of the national child candy tax day, I’ll be watching stuff. Here’s a list of things:

1) American Horror Story. Doesn’t even matter what season. They’re all great, though I have a particular fondness toward season one. Season three isn’t all out in its entirety, but so far it’s phenomenal. Season one is available on Netflix right now, too.

Hemlock 62) Hemlock Grove.  If you haven’t already binge watched every episode of season one, you should do so. If you already have, do it again. It was great!

3) Hocus Pocus. It’s a great way to introduce witches to your children. *Grins*

4) Halloween. Duuuuhhhhh.

5) Snakes On A Plane. Cause you can never get enough muthaf*ckin’ Samuel L. Jackson. The movie isn’t Halloween themed, but watch it anyway.

6) 13 Ghosts.  This film scared the pants off me.

7) Scooby Doo. Any movie, any episode of any Scooby show. Just do it.

8) The Hunger Games. The book was far better than the movie, but if you have young girls in your house, it’s bound to be a Halloween hit because the sequel is coming in November and because, ya know, that Hemsworth boy is in it and the Peeta guy.

9) Night Of the Living Dead. Cause ya just have to.

10) The Walking Dead. You can find a ton of it on Netflix. If you’re behind, get caught up. If not, catch everyone else in your house up.

11) Dracula. Any movie. Pick one, there are tons. Stay away from the Dracula movies with numbers in the title (Dracula 3000) because they suck in a bad, bad way. The other ones are great, though.

12) The Crow. Nuff said.


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