bones coversWant to win a copy of my brand new novel, BONES OF WILLOW LAKE? It releases this very Valentine weekend. How exciting! Read the rules below:


Leave a comment on this post telling about your most memorable Valentine’s Day or just the one that sticks out the most. Tell me what you like or do not like about this holiday. Write whatever comes to mind pertaining to Valentine’s Day. Lets keep this PG (we don’t need those kinds of details lol). The winner will be chosen and announced on the morning of Monday, February 17th, so please also give me an email address to contact you should you be the lucky winner. It’s that easy!

You can read an excerpt and blurb for the book, BONES OF WILLOW LAKE, here.


Not much info as of yet, but be looking for updates on an anthology called HER DARK VOICE. Filled with stories from many different female horror authors (including CYNDI AND THE DEMON ASMODEUS, which I wrote), this one’s going to be a must read!


  1. My most memorable Valentine’s Day was in 2007, but not for candy or flowers or romance. That was the day my son was born. Made it to the hospital just in time for two feet of snow to fall lol. Had I waited any longer, he would have been delivered at home because the snow fell insanely fast!

    Grace, my kids didn’t even tell me Happy Valentine’s Day today lol

    Adam, I do appreciate your honesty! 😀


  2. The most memorable Valentine’s Day I’ve had was few years ago, I invited my my best friend to stay at my house to spend a different kind of Valentine’s. He brought pizza, ice cream, video games and we spend the whole day playing and eating junk food like children during a holiday. Since we weren’t romantically together, we called it the Un-Valentine’s Day and we agreed to repeat it as long as we stayed single 🙂


  3. For most of my adult life, my most memorable Valentine’s Day was the day I married my ex-husband. It was quite romantic – our first date was a set-up, and it was Valentine’s Day so he really tried to make an impression! The very next Valentine’s Day – we were married. The Valentine’s Day after that – on our first anniversary – I got pregnant with my son. ❤
    The day always held a special place for me.
    Until last year 😦 2/14/13 is my most memorable Valentine's Day now. Something bad happened last year, and now Valentine's Day kind of sucks.
    But, I still cherish the memories of all the happy!

    I hope everyone had a great VD this year! And, I hope that TODAY turns out to be YOUR most memorable Valentine's Day… EVER! If it's not – you still have an hour to make it so!


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