Some of my favorite old photos…

I have some really neat old photos of my family on my computer and I thought tonight would be a fun night to share them.


(Above) Top left: My mom’s high school graduation.
Top Right: Family camping trip. Left to right: EX aunt Connie, Uncle Brad, Uncle Willie, me crawling on my dad’s head. Below my dad is my cousin Dervon, then my cousin Kalani. The long haired lady is my mom.
Bottom Left: All of us again šŸ˜€ I’m assuming my uncle Willie was taking this picture because he wasn’t in it and neither was my aunt Sharon.
Bottom Right: My parents before I came along to shake things up.

931204_601714423174830_1367502349_n(Above) This picture is of my granddad holding my cousin, Kalani.

Dewey Pack

(Above) My paternal great grandfather, Dewey Pack.


(Above) This is one of my favorite pictures because it looks like my granddad is telling my uncle to “get a haircut and get a real job.” He probably wasn’t actually saying something like that, but…well, ya know what, he could have been! Ha ha.


Top: The man on the left is my great grandfather. I’m not certain who the other guy is, but I think that’s my great uncle. They’re standing in front of my grandparents’ house as it’s being built.
Bottom: These two photos are of my grandma. On the left, she is about fifteen. On the right, I’m not sure.


These are all relatives, but I’m not certain who they are. My grandma knows. I’m pretty sure the guy with the guitar is my granddad’s brother. The couple on the bottom left, I have no idea. A distant cousin maybe? The two ladies top left, I’m sure these are my cousins.


My granddad and his brothers goofing off. My granddad is the one on the top of the pole in the bottom photo. Had I been their mother, I would have gotten them all with a switch lol. I’m sure she probably did.


This one is of my great grandfather, I think….and one of my hairs that was accidentally photocopied.


The man all the way to the left is my granddad. The other two are his brothers. My popaw was the handsomest one šŸ˜€


Left to right: My mom, my granddad enjoying his roses (he loved his flowers!), me when I was three years old. Bottom: My in-laws and my husband’s brother.

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