Back to Huntsville I go!

Immortal TiesSeveral years back, I published my first two books with a vanity publisher because I was a noob and knew no better. I have since mended my evil ways and go with actual publishers (the kind that pay me lol), but those first two books are lost to me for seven years apiece. I could get my rights back, but it would cost me big bucks to do so, so I wait until the contracts for each book are up.

And, boy, I can’t wait until then!

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about returning to the world in which those two books were written. After all, my first book was penned simply because I loved vampires and I don’t remember ever being happier than when I was writing Immortal Ties, a vampire romance. Vampires are my first love, you know.
*NOTE* – Don’t go buy Immortal Ties. I’m going to rerelease both Immortal Ties and Immortal Embrace when I get the rights back. I might even release them FREE because I’m awesome like that. 

Immortal Embrace

Here’s the basic premise of the Immortal books: There’s a demon named Lileth contracting vampires to work for her. When I say “work” I mean make little half-human, half-vampire babies. She makes them into incubuses (incubi? I have no idea–nobody does–and I’ve found books using each plural form). Lileth’s plan is to take these halfling babies to create an army for herself. However, along the way, some of these vampires get off track. Sometimes, mortals get involved by no faults of their own. And, sometimes there are vampire hunters. Yeah.

The reason I’m working on looking into writing another Huntsville story is because I miss that world. I really do. And now that I’ve shared this with you guys, I’m off to do writery things.


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