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Astrology and Writing

*Links to all information is provided in the text (hover your mouse and click). If you’d like to share anything else found on the subject, please leave a comment. All in the name  of fun, of course.*


Strange bedfellows? I think not. I’ve compiled some different links regarding astrology and writing/writers.

I googled “Writers and astrology” and I came up with a long list of interesting things. The first of which, a blog post from fellow WordPresser, Michael Alexander Chaney. In the post, there is a complete horoscope for each zodiac sign pertaining to writing and a list of famous authors born in those signs. Nobody was born on my birthday, though (bummer). But, in the name of astrology and fun, here is what the post said for Cancer:

The Great Allegorist. Sensitive, driven by the heart, pleasantly reserved, the Cancer is a consummate writer. As poets, they have deep-seeded romantic tendencies, aware of beauty and the pull of a universal truth even when experimenting at the edges of reality. However modernistic or postmodern the primary strains of their writing may be, Cancers seek the truth.  Typically prepossessing as individuals known for their beauty, the Cancer is suspicious of surfaces, grasping instead for that which lies beneath fair exteriors. This tendency lends their work a noticeable darkness, which contrasts against that other remarkable trait in their writing—a penchant for rigid moralizing. Many Cancer writers burst onto the scene with a blockbuster or a masterwork and then retire, crablike, to a more comfortable seclusion.

Another post found here gives a shorter horoscope, but is just as much fun to read as the others.

I found a list of each zodiac and one author born under each sign, too. Here it is:

Aries: Maya Angelou
Taurus: Shakespeare
Gemini: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Cancer: Dan Brown
Leo: J. K. Rowling
Virgo: Agatha Christie
Libra: Oscar Wilde
Scorpio: Sylvia Plath
Sagittarius: Jane Austen
Capricorn: Edgar Allan Poe
Aquarius: Virginia Woolf
Pisces: Anais Nin

And, there’s this:


If anybody knows of any more astrology posts about writing, please share them! There are links at the bottom of the page for other things I found, too. Enjoy!

About Rhiannon Mills

Rhiannon Mills lives, loves, and writes in the mysterious mountains of West Virginia. When she isn’t writing, she’s sewing, baking, blogging, reading, or watching documentaries about any number of things. 

More Links: 

If you want to be a writer, what sign should you be? From Ohio Astrology. 

What makes a writer? From Astrolo Cherry. 

What your zodiac sign says about your career, From CNN. 


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