What Brings Me Here

xena-and-meIt’s been a while since my last post and I know none of my most recent posts have been very meaningful or even remotely related to writing, but hang with me a little longer, okay? I’m still not altogether certain I’m ever going to operate at 100% again. I’m getting close, though. In the spirit of changes and moving forward, I’ll give you an update on what brings me back to this blog and what I’ve been doing.

I’m in the process of moving way, way, WAY back in the boonies. No, really. It’s way back there. AND, it’s on top of a mountain. AND, my closest neighbor is a miniature horse. I don’t know what his name is though. I’ll ask him later. Those of you who know me already know that I live in West Virginia, but for those who are new or haven’t gotten to know me yet, I’m actually quite the hillbilly. A smart one, though. And I’ll mess you up if you make a barefoot hillbilly joke. This move is going to be good for me, though. My house needs a lot of work and we can’t do it while we’re still in it. Also, I’ll be able to walk to the cemetery any time I want to from where we’ll be. That’s important to me right now.

I’m not going to talk about the election much. I know everybody else is right now and I have a post coming about it, but not now. I will say this–there is some foolishness going on in this world that I want no part of. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works because we’re all a part of it in some way or another.

I’m writing some now again. I’ve been working on a few things at once, though. I’m cleaning up a manuscript I haven’t touched in a while and also working on figuring out what to do with another. And I have ideas for so many other things. Always, the ideas come to me when I’m immersed in other things (ha!).

But, do not despair. I have not given up on anything. My brain moves on a different wavelength these days. That’s all. I’m still dealing with grief and loss, so I’m trying not to be so tough on myself. I’m doing well. I am reading like a mad woman and I have been watching The Flash on Netflix. I find comfort in small things–coffee, books, my cats, china patterns–and I try not to worry about anything I can’t control. I’m focusing on anxiety and trying to find new ways to deal with it, but ultimately, I have recovered from my darkest days without the help of a single prescription. I drink Sleepy Time tea to help me sleep (because there’s a bear on the box, it obviously works) and I try to take one step at a time.

I’m sorry if you followed a link to this blog only to find a page filled with scattered thoughts, but I’ve been working on a sequel to a novel I’ve already written but cannot place (I’m apparently a glutton for punishment) and I’m a little bit tired tonight. I promise the next post will be a little more thoughtful. And maybe mean and snarky, too.

Until next time…