The Surgeon’s Case by E.G. Rodford

Untitled 8
Private Investigator George Kocharyan is on the trail of a runaway maid, the employee of a famous TV surgeon and his beauty-queen wife. The maid is accused of stealing confidential documents, and Kocharyan’s investigation leads him to the city’s Filipino community, where he discovers the risks faced by those working far from home. Meanwhile, the discovery of a teenager’s body brings the permanently unpleasant DI Vicky Stubbing back into George’s life, and as two violent strangers cross his path also looking for the missing maid, he begins to wonder if his celebrity employers are everything they seem. ~ Blurb from Titan Books

I’m going to be blunt. I did not enjoy this book. The author’s writing abilities are great, but the story lacked depth and common sense. During my reading time, I felt there were too many hands in the cookie jar, too much going on at once, and my concentration was being pulled back and forth. I probably will not read anything else by this author or in the same series (if there are more coming). I would suggest this book to others, though, but only conditionally.

Understanding that just because I dislike something doesn’t mean everyone will, I’m going to give you the links to find this novel on your own and read it for yourself.


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