Here We Go Again

I apologize to my readers! I haven’t been blogging in quite a while. Hear me out, though. I was unable to access my blog! I don’t know what has suddenly changed, but here we are.

This is not the first time this has happened, either. I’ve looked into possibly moving to blogspot, but I don’t want to leave a readership behind, so I decided to write my reviews in other places–Amazon, Goodreads, etc–and just wait. And, apparently, I’ve waited a few months.

For those who don’t know how my process works, I’ll explain it now.
I get galley copies of books (and ebooks) from a few different places. Some books are sent to me (email for ebooks and my PO Box for paperbacks and hardbacks) and others are obtained through request. Requesting a book for review doesn’t always work the way I plan, though. For example, I doubt George R.R. Martin would even read my email, much less just send me a free book for no reason (LOL). There is a process, certain avenues a reviewer must sail through before he or she can receive galley copies of books.

And, as it happened, I just sort of stopped requesting so many books while my blog was “down” and I haven’t gotten a shipment of books from anywhere until a bit ago. I am just now ready to dive in. Honestly, I was afraid my readers would have jumped ship while I was temporarily away, but a peep into my blog stats has just revealed that you haven’t!

Bless your hearts! Thank you for staying and being so wonderful.

I have some incredible book reviews coming your way, too. As always, I cover many genres and I’m looking forward to sharing with you guys!

XOXO Rhiannon

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