What a happy day today is! I bought a new laptop, passed my desktop on to my daughter to use to play The Sims 4 on, and now I’m back in business, apparently. I’m able to log in to WordPress from Chrome AND Microsoft Edge. So, without going too far into detail, I will say that as long as I’m not having issues with my browsers and software, I should be able to resume writing reviews. First thing tomorrow morning, I’ll work out how I can space the late reviews in order to get them to you in a halfway decent fashion.

And that’s that, folks! 😀

Blog Woes…

If you’re familiar with my blog, you’ll know that I enjoy doing it and that sometimes WordPress doesn’t enjoy me doing it lol. What I mean is, there have been times that, for months on end, I haven’t been able to make a post because I can’t log in, no matter what sort of magic I can do via email. Sometimes it’s as simple as a browser issue and other times I never find out why.

The forces are against me, it seems.

For that reason, I feel like I should be heading down the lane toward an actual .com website. I haven’t worked out any details, so I don’t know when that will happen. I’ve never created a website before and, frankly, I’m quite inept with most things technical. But, I’m told even a caveman can do it, so that’s where I am today.

I’ve just recently reconfigured my entire desktop computer and, with those changes, some browser tweaks. As you can see, I am posting today–ha! But, I don’t know how long that sweet streak will last, so you, the readers, can look forward to some posts for the next week. I have a slew of reviews ready and more to come after. And, in the meantime, hang in there. Rhiannon Writes On will soon become The Rhino Review and have a .real .com somewhere after it. Exciting things, I suppose.

Apologies to anyone looking for reviews! I’ll have some sci-fi loving good stuff in here as soon as I can.

Probably this evening, if I’m honest.

Rhiannon M.S.