Revisiting Old Favorites

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I have a real soft spot for time travel. A big part of me is constantly searching for an escape from reality and time travel just seeps in to fill the cracks left by that deep longing to be anywhere (and any time) else. I don’t know why I am the way I am. I could fly to a whole new planet where everything is warm, there are no predators to my species, and extraterrestrial cabana boys serve me margaritas all day long and I’d still get the itch to wander elsewhere every now and then. An international pandemic only fanned the flames, to be quite honest.

And, in the spirit of that itch, I have revisited some old time traveling friends thanks to an ad I saw somewhere in a magazine rack at a doctor’s office. I don’t remember the magazine, but I remember it was very dated. I remembered this title because I’d read it probably at about the time the magazine was published (ha!).

It’s funny how an item from a time period can take you back to that spot in your life. Smells can do this also. But, I’m certainly not complaining because the moment I remembered this book, I googled it on my phone and bought a hardback copy (my preference). And, the minute it arrived, I read it all. I only put it down to do the most necessary of tasks. Books like that do tend to be the best to a reader.

I hadn’t read a Jude Deveraux romance in quite a long time and I was instantly taken back to a simpler time in my life (before children) when Sisqo was on the radio singing about thongs and I was trying to convince my mom to let me go to the mall when I’d clearly not done my chores. The story was the same, but it meant more to me because I’ve changed in the last twenty years, as people are apt to do. 

And, the  minute I put Knight In Shining Armor down, I decided to track down the Edilean series because I hadn’t read any of those particular Deveraux titles. Turns out, while I was busy having babies, Jude Deveraux was still living her life, writing wonderful novels… What nerve! (I kid). 

I guess some people have comfort foods, but I have comfort books. And, I’m making a mental list of other authors I should revisit as soon as I’m through the Edilean series. I’m thinking about Kathleen Woodiwiss first. I may even go back to some older Stephen King titles and give them a reread (Christine, I’m lookin’ at you). 

Of course, I’m always open to suggestions from my own friends and readers out there. Drop a suggestion in the comments if there are any older novels or authors you think I should check out. Book recommendations are always a welcome, refreshing addition to my comments and emails. Just fyi, I’ll never not want them. 


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