8 Holiday Gift Ideas For the Writer In Your Life

***Disclsure– I share links from Amazon from time to time and may receive a small commission from items you buy using my links. That doesn’t change anything about how I’ve written the post or what I’ve chosen to include, though!***

Whatever you celebrate, the winter months are upon us and that means the shopping months are also upon us. I don’t know if you’ve personally had any trouble obtaining items on your loved ones lists due to the shipping crisis, but I haven’t yet, and I hope that I don’t. But, just in case… I’ve been doing a lot of writing and revising to my shopping lists because I want to be prepared for anything. I don’t do Black Friday unless it’s the Black Friday cyber deals because it gets too peopley (that’s a real word, I promise *crosses fingers behind back*).

It has dawned on me that if you have a writer in your family, that person is probably going to either be the most difficult to buy for or the easiest. There usually is no in between for us. Never fear, though, because I have some ideas for you.

1… Nice pens. We all have a favorite. Find out what theirs is and buy them a pack. Mine are these Paper Mate ball point pens. I’ve never seen a brown one, though! Nice.

Princess Peach approved.

2...A mug or a set of mugs. Everybody has hot drink preferences, and hot drinks can usually only be consumed in a mug. Amazon has some really nice ones. Right now, this one is my personal favorite.

3… Try getting them a subscription box. There are so many out there to choose from. There are subscription boxes that allow you to solve a mystery, even.

Maybe get a pen pal?

4… You can never go wrong with pajamas or a bathrobe. Or both, like a matching set. Old Navy, Walmart, and Kohl’s are pretty decent choices for these types of items. Bonus points if you match the pajamas to the mug

. 5… Gift cards. We tend to use them wisely.

6… Nice journals, notebooks, and stationary. My personal favorite is stationary and I don’t know why because nobody ever writes letters and mails them anymore.

7… Audible and/Kindle subscriptions. I haven’t joined the zillions of people who listen to audiobooks and enjoy them yet, but one day I might. Until then, I stick to paperbacks and my beloved Kindle. Either way you choose to read, giving the gift of the written word is never a bad idea.

8… Give the gift of whiskey. Well, whiskey glasses. This is my favorite thing on this list because I don’t have a set. I’m a bourbon girl, myself.

In case any of you were wondering, I left book recommendations off of this list on purpose because all writers are different and their reading preferences are different too. But, Stephen King’s On Writing appeals to a wide audience, so you’re pretty safe with that one, if you’re looking. I know I’ve mentioned in previous posts that this particular book about writing is my favorite, but honestly I’ll probably mention it in future posts, too. Ha! Happy Shopping!

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