A Slightly Late Review: The Unofficial Bridgerton Cookbook

Rating: 5 out of 5.

*Disclaimer: If you buy something using one of my links, Amazon might give me a small commission. However, my reviews are honest!*

First, I should apologize because my review is several days late. It was Thanksgiving week and I am the Thanksgiving cook in my house, so I really should have written and scheduled the review early, rather than late, but here we go.

The very first thing a person notices when they read through this collection of recipes is that the book seriously rolls with the vibe and aesthetic of Netflix’s Bridgerton. It is well organized and well collected. The attention to detail in the photos as well as how well curated the recipes themselves are is a testimony to the author’s dedication to the books. I received a Kindle copy through the publisher in return for a review, but after reviewing a few disaster niche cookbooks recently, I wasn’t really hopeful for a win. I was pleasantly surprised.

The collection is very well organized and the fonts are easy to read, which is very important in a recipe book. I don’t know how other home cooks feel about it, but I dislike cookbooks with teensy tiny type or fonts that are cutesy (I’m looking at you, Comic Sans…). The photos accompanying the recipes are incredible, too. Everything is mouthwatering and eye catching. In each photo, it looks as though each table linen, each fork, each glass is selected specifically for the Queen and her ladies, as though the reader has been teleported through time and has arrived at afternoon tea, just in time.

These sandwiches could be prepared for any number of events. Or not an event at all. Perfectly acceptable for lunch at home watching Netflix!

I also love that even though this cookbook is geared toward Bridgerton and the characters and settings of the series, anyone on this Earth could buy it and enjoy the recipes. Good food is good food, period. You could have no idea what Bridgerton even is and still thoroughly enjoy the cookbook because the recipes are easy to follow and all of the dishes are foods anyone could prepare, eat, and enjoy. I feel like people who enjoy entertaining or have large family get togethers could get an added amount of use from this collection, though, and I mean that in the best of ways.

I’d like to add that even though the copy I was given is wonderful and I’m so thrilled to have the digital copy, I’ll be buying a hardback copy as well because I’m a cookbook collector and I really loved this one.

If you haven’t watched Bridgerton and are interested, the first season is available on Netflix. If you’d like to read the novels by Julia Quinn first, you can find them at Amazon.com, starting with Bridgerton: The Duke and I.

I haven’t read a lot of other reviews for this cookbook and I’d love to hear what other folks think about it, so if you have read through it, drop a comment or shoot me an email at Rhiannon@RhiannonWritesOn.com and I’d love to hear your opinion! I’m also open to suggestions for other cookbooks based on pop culture. They really do seem to be a hit or miss!

Until next time…Enjoy a picture of my cat, Salem.

He says hi.

I have heard rumors that the Queen is getting her own series. Thoughts or information on the subject are much appreciated. I thought she was much more interesting than the other characters anyway! 😀

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