Review: Highland Wolf by Lynsay Sands

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I was given a copy of this novel for the purposes of a review and have been holding it all in for quite a while now. Highland Wolf is officially released on January 25, 2022 (tomorrow for me), so I am going to exhale and give you the nitty gritty because I am a longtime fan of Lynsay Sands and I know she has an incredibly vast fanbase waiting on this novel.

Highland Wolf is the tenth novel in the Highland Brides series. If you haven’t checked out books 1-9, you can (and absolutely should) do so.

I will not give you a rundown of every event within this novel because nobody likes spoilers and I am not that gal. So, to wet yer whistle, here is the synopsis from

New York Times Bestselling Author Lynsay Sands delivers another sexy historical romance set in the wilds of the Highlands

In all her daydreams about her wedding day, Lady Claray MacFarlane never once imagined being dragged to the altar by her greedy uncle and forced to marry a man she didn’t know. But that’s what happened, or would have, had a Highland warrior not snatched her up at the last minute and ridden off with her in his arms. . .

They call him the Wolf. The mercenary’s courage and prowess in battle are known throughout the Highlands, and with his handsome face and black-as-sin hair, he is as intelligent and deadly as the wolf he was named for…

The beginning of the story sees Claray MacFarlane being forced into a marriage by a horrible uncle. Long story short, things don’t go to plan (do they ever?) and she instead finds herself in what I call a grand pickle. The story continues to throw twists and turns. The hero is predictable, but likable. The heroin isn’t someone I can honestly say I’d want to hang out with of an evening, but she’s well written and for some reason matches well with the Wolf. The story is entertaining, if somewhat exhausting at times. To be quite honest, there were times I wanted to yell at our young Lady MacFarlane and toss my Kindle into the abyss. I am happy to report my Kindle is still among the living and the lady has acquired a strapping, broody Wolf. I am also happy to report that I have managed to conquer my own frustrations at the story by way of a pleasant ending.

Now, the important question. Is this novel worth buying and reading? Yes. Absolutely. If a story doesn’t require you to feel something, even exhaustion or frustration in the characters and their folly, then the story is probably trash. This one is decidedly not trash. Quite the opposite. During my reading time, there were so many times when I mouthed a very snarky, What on this Earth is wrong with you, toward Claray. Many times. Like I said, we would not be friends. She isn’t really my type of leading lady, but her personality was certainly well written and we’ve made our peace already.

For more information about Lysay Sands, she keeps an updated website you can visit.

For more information about me, stick around. I’m sure I’ll eventually say something halfway entertaining or interesting in the next few weeks. Maybe. 😀

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