About Rhiannon

I am a stay at home mom. I have three kids– an adult daughter and two giant teenage boys. I’m married and have five cats, so I’m pretty busy. I’d like to write at least one novel per year, and I am not only struggling, but failing miserably with that. I feel like this year might be my year, though. You never know. Nanowrimo might be for me in 2021. 

HOBBIES– Writing, reading, sewing, gardening, canning, and creating. I love to learn new things and I love history documentaries and docuseries. As far as fiction goes, I am open to any kind of story so long as the characters are believable. I love Game of Thrones and am currently looking for a new series to watch. 

PET PEEVES– Using quotation marks for things quotation marks shouldn’t be “used” for. See what I did there? Yeah. If you want to put emphasis on something, don’t use quotation marks. It’s ridiculous!

FAVORITE SONG– Jane Says by Janes Addiction. I can listen all day long and my mood is boosted instantly. 

FAVORITE COLOR– Green and gray. I can’t pick between the two.

FAVORITE BOOK–All of them.

Well, if there’s anything else you need to know, you’d better have identification lol. 😀

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