Corra’s Anthology

The only info I have as of now is that this anthology is just an idea I’m trying to bring to full fruition.

The idea is simple. I want to put together a charity anthology to raise money for epilepsy awareness. Not just for children’s epilepsy, but adults as well.

There are a few obstacles.

1- I have very little publishing experience. I need to find a publisher willing to do this with me OR I need to learn the ropes and do it myself.

2- Aside from a publisher, I’ll need an editor or two. I don’t trust myself to edit the entire book myself and I want to raise as much money as possible for the cause because people suffer from epilepsy greatly, every single day, and awareness needs to be raised.

3- I need to choose a theme for the anthology. Corra had many interests, so I’ll make a list and maybe take a poll later to see what sorts of stories writers would be interested in. I’ll be looking forward to the input, when the time comes.

4- I’ll also need a cover artist, but I may already have someone willing to do the work.

5- There are so many worthy charities for epilepsy that I am having a really hard time choosing one. It’s something I’ll have to do more research on.

If you would like to volunteer services, please email me at If you’d like to submit a story, please wait until I can post submission guidelines, which will also go on this page.