Being Me Right Now…

If you know me personally or if you follow my blog or we’re friends on Facebook, you will know that I’ve had the hardest year of my life and am in the process of healing. It’s a process which I will never complete and my only goal is to get back some semblance of a normal life. I’ve accomplished a little bit of that. I’ve gotten to a point where I can wake up and see my family and get kids dressed and ready for school without collapsing to the floor. I can walk to the bus stop and talk to my friends and neighbors in the morning like I would any other morning. And, I can find joy in things again. But, I’m still not there yet.

As far as reading and writing goes, I’m working again.

**Waits for applause.**

applause 1

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Thanks, I needed that. Working as a writer again is a big thing for me. I’m still reviewing, but I’m reviewing slowly. My brain works sort of like a wire with a short in it right now. Sometimes it works well, other times I’m shorting out and there are sparks, but no productivity. I’m going to work past that, though. Healing takes time I guess.

As a matter of fact, I’m going to start another novel soon. So, naturally, that means I’m going to spend this fall in my bathrobe, with my best friends…

I went to Ollies today and I found some really cool Halloween candies to put on cakes or cupcakes. I have no idea what to do with them yet, but this is one of those things I was talking about earlier–finding joy in things again.


I’ve also been reading some non-fiction and science fiction and have found a few shows on Netflix that I absolutely love to watch. Science fiction novels, Mad Men, and Shameless are probably going to consume my fall this year.

I enjoy both the UK and US versions of Shameless and Mad Men is a gift from the time traveling fairy as far as I’m concerned. No doubt, if I ever have the chance to time travel, I’m going back to 1960 to rob a Sears for the clothes and shoes.

And that’s pretty much it. I’m writing and editing and submitting again. I’m enjoying things when I can. And I’m trying so hard to have something normal in my life because without something normal, I feel like I might fall apart.



Hemlock Grove–Review

Hemlock 3Netflix has released a new series called Hemlock Grove (available–of course–only through Netflix) and I finished all thirteen episodes in two days.  And, frankly, it wouldn’t have taken me that long had it not been for my kids running in and out all day yesterday to enjoy the weather lol.

I have to hand it to Netflix, as this is their first original series–they did a damn good job.  The cast is wonderful. Famke Janssen (Olivia) is awesome, as is Dougray Scott (as always), but there are actors in this series I’ve never even seen before.  In the interest of NOT giving away too many spoilers, I’m going to tell you my two favorite characters and then elaborate a little about them so that you can sort of get a feel for why I adored this series.

Hemlock 6Landon Liboiron plays a gypsy werewolf named Peter (with Lili Taylor as his mother).  However, the werewolf transformations are unlike any I’ve seen ever before (unless I just don’t remember).  The wolf literally comes right out of the man/woman’s skin.  Skin and tissue–and eyeballs!) just fall to the ground as the transformation takes place and, afterward, the wolf will eat his own skin.  GROSS! Peter, however, is probably one of my two favorite characters.  Maybe even the favorite. Peter is very likable, he is nice to other people unless they’re not nice to him, and he’s good to his mother.  Peter is also very resourceful, which I imagine comes from being a gypsy/werewolf and living here and there and in trailer parks for the duration of his life with nowhere in particular to lay down any real roots.

Hemlock 7And then there’s Roman…Played by Bill Skarsgard.  Skarsgard is the perfect choice for Roman Godfrey.  Roman was born into luxury and has had everything in the world brought to his fingertips.  He was born, as they say, with a silver spoon.  His mother is a little controlling (okay…A LOT controlling), but he doesn’t have friends until he meets Peter. Roman is a loner, very dark and gloomy, very brooding–perfect vampire.  He does seem to have a very healthy sexual appetite and, at times, this appetite was a bit daunting and repetitive and had me wondering why on earth they kept throwing in all these sex scenes.  Some of them were completely unnecessary.  Roman’s character does show the most growth of any of the characters in the show, from start to finish, though, and that’s one reason why he’s a favorite.  You see him go from gloomy gus kid in high school, to 18 year old owner of a mega-company, as he inherits everything.

Hemlock 2Oh, and there’s the whole vampire thing–no sparkling whatsoever.  A+ for Hemlock Grove for the lack of fairy dust.  Even though there are no sparklers or hopping through the trees on piggy back, the writers obviously took vampires into a different direction, something I’ve never really seen before and I won’t explain how.  I’ll just say it’s awesome and I love it.

Roman's BIG little sister, Shelley Godfrey.

Roman’s BIG little sister, Shelley Godfrey.

Themes explored in the series are great, too.  Friendship, loyalty, abandonment, entitlement, jealousy, teen pregnancy, immaculate conception (or the question of its existence), grave re-opening, mental illness, medical experiments, ooooh, the list goes on! Peter (gypsy/werewolf) has a fortune teller/prostitute cousin named Destiny who is an absolute hoot.  Also, the gore is pretty extreme in some cases.  Dead bodies…ooooh, the dead bodies! I absolutely adore the soundtrack for the show and fully intend to explore it further on Youtube or somewhere.  I would advise you to not eat or at least eat slowly while you watch (if you’re squeamish) because there are scenes in there that turned my iron stomach in knots.

Hemlock 5 Hemlock 1I hope Netflix is planning on a second season.   If not, I’m going to write very strongly worded letters until they do!

I give this series a full two thumbs up. Maybe even some toes up.

2013 Television

2013 will probably be a pretty exciting year for me because I’ve actually allowed myself to enjoy a few television shows.  I haven’t gotten into this big of a tizzy about television since I was 9 and discovered Luke Perry on 90210.  Here are the shows I’m looking forward to in 2013!

BORGIA– Not “The Borgias” on Showtime.  Borgia features every single horror you could possibly imagine ever actually happening in history.  Before the mafia, there was the Borgia family–and that’s not just a gimmick.  It’s true.  Life was brutal for them, but more brutal for those who got in their way.  The Borgia family, headed by patriarch Rodrigo Borgia, handled their social climbing by any means necessary, including (but not limited to) a never ending string of murder and betrayal.  Rodrigo, practically seething to become the next pope, is absolutely depraved in his climb to the top.  Depraved, but also (for some strange reason) lovable. If you want more information about the Borgia family, Wikipedia’s article on the odd but addicting bunch is here. 

Some say the actors in Borgia are not as good looking as the actors in the crap Showtime series, but I’ll debunk that rumor quite quickly.  I give you exhibit A, Cesare Borgia:

Ohhh, Cesare.  If only you didn't have such a thing for your sister.

Ohhh, Cesare. If only you didn’t have such a thing for your sister.

Also, exhibit B, the rest of the amazing cast:

Borgia full

Keep in mind that Lucrezia Borgia was not all sweet and innocent.  On Showtime they do a decent job of portraying her as a damsel in distress who just has to have a smirk when she does something naughty.  In Borgia (the good one), Lucrezia is portrayed very much like every other young lady in those times until she’s thrown into the world of politics and then she really begins to show her strength and her true ruthless character.  I hate to say it (since history tells us that Lucrezia just loved to poison folks for the hell of it), but I love her.


Lucrezia Borgia

The new season of Borgia starts soon, but I’m not altogether certain when. I’m sure I’ll be gushing about it the moment I find out.



There is very little information about this show, but it is said to start sometime in early 2013.  The cast is also very nearly a mystery, however we do know that Jonathan Rhys Meyers will be none other than Dracula himself.  Now, when I first saw him spout out the infamous words “I’m the King of England!” on Showtime in his portrayal of Henry VIII, I thought to myself, he really outta be a bloodsucker… And now he is! I should make my wishes and thoughts known much more often. Now, my absolute love for JRM aside, I have to admit that this is going to either be absolutely epic or a total flop.  I wanted him to be a vampire, but I have a hard time seeing him as Dracula.  We shall see what happens there soon enough.

So, that’s pretty much all I’ve got for ya.  I know, right.  Total ripoff of a post lol.  Actually, I loved the BBC’s version of Being Human, too, but my favorite vampire is no longer on the show and it got dull for  me after about the fourth season, so I’ve abandoned it for now. I may watch more later, but not until after the second season of Borgia and the first season of Dracula are completely watched.

Which shows are you interested in this coming year?  I hate that there is an absolute lack in proper entertainment these days.  I hate reality shows with a passion! Yeah, so you won’t find Honey Boo Boo on my television set any time soon.