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Naming Characters From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

resized_ancient-aliens-invisible-something-meme-generator-i-m-not-saying-it-was-aliens-but-it-was-aliens-1824f9I came up with a hysterically fun way to name fantasy and science fiction characters and, on a whim, shared this process in my blog. My process inspired a fellow writer to write again, which isn’t something I take lightly. That’s a truly wonderful thing. So, I thought it might be beneficial to other writers, too. And, it’s fun!

So, here is the post I made on facebook:

Silly advice for fantasy and sci-fi authors: If you’re naming characters and get stuck, there’s a trick you can follow which will give you an awesome name for acharacter in a galaxy far, far, away. Just pick a normal person’s name (one you like), such as Julie, and break it into syllables: Ju and Lie, see? And then you switch those syllables around and put a hyphen or an apostrophe between them to give you Lie’Ju. NOW, you think of a color you like, such as green. Take the last syllable of the color’s name. In this case it’s een. Now write Lie’Ju’een. Now you have an alien name. You’re welcome. I made all this up all by myself. Cause I’m an adult! 

Enjoy! And, have fun with this! I did.


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