DIY 1 Subject Notebook Planner

Several months ago, I bought a planner that I thought I would like, but sadly it fell short of what I expected out of it. Maybe it’s my fault for putting too much faith into stationary and organizational products, but I really wanted something with more in it. It didn’t have a regular calendar, just the days of the week laid out. It did have grocery list sections that you can tear out (which I may still use one day), and it also had a place for notes, addresses, and about three pages of little stickers.

If you want to make your own, you will need: A notebook of any size, a ruler (maybe), markers, pens, a pencil, stickers, and whatever you want to go in it. 

20180603_194831.jpgBut, I need extra. And, I can’t find what I’m looking for online unless it costs over forty bucks. And, I am not paying forty dollars for an organizer unless it fills itself out. So, I made one out of a notebook.

Keep in mind, I am not an artist and I am not doing a bullet journal. This is JUST a place to put things I need. It’s where I”m going to write down my to-do’s, my grocery list, my finance info, and maybe some extra stuff. Nothing big and fancy.

Page 1, Front
Page 1, Back

I decided on using two pages per week. Page 1 would be where my weekly menu would go, along with a grocery list that I could easily cut out if I want to. On the back of page 1 would be where expenses, blog post ideas, weight tracking, and things of that nature would go.

Page 2, Front
Page 2, Back

Page 2 would be where my daily information is. The day of the week and the date on each day’s section, plus sometimes an extra square of paper for notes.

Easy Peasy.

This is Bowie. As you can see, he is the project overseer.

I doubt very seriously I do much else with it. I may actually spend some time online making my own pages for a planner in a three ring binder that I might actually print out. BUT, this will do in a pinch! As you can see, there is no sense in panicking if your planner is just not working for you. Until you find one that you love, which can honestly take a lot of time shopping online and looking through stores, this works!

❤ Rhiannon XOXO