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This is a page dedicated to places I frequent online.

A photo of Mark Ryder as Cesare Borgia for no reason...only because I love him...lol.

A photo of Mark Ryder as Cesare Borgia for no reason…only because I love him…lol.

Thrift Books — A great place to buy cheap used books! Shipping in the US is free (or at least, always has been for me), and you can find a lot of really great books under $4.  Calculate in that there’s no shipping and you have some really great deals!

Wikipedia.org — Wikipedia is my jumping off point in many cases.  When I’m writing, sometimes it’s good to just read stories there pertaining to the history, the days and times, or the country where my story is taking place.  Though you do have to check facts thoroughly, it’s very helpful.  Like I said, it’s a jumping off point.

The Huffington Post —  Yeah, I like to read the news, too.  I’m up with the times like that.

Fringe Works — This publishing company is now the home of KnightWatch Press.  KnightWatch is now an imprint of Fringe Works, which is great because I like Fringe Works.  They’re good people…

Think Geek — Because everybody needs a Bazinga hoodie.

The Passionate Pen — This is Jenna Petersen/Jesse Petersen’s site for cool authory stuff. The site is set up with information mostly pertaining to writing romance, but there are articles and links to publishers that will definitely cater to other genres as well. The site is extremely helpful when you’re knee deep in the submitting process.

Terror Tree — There is a lot of cool stuff in there.

Voluptuous Vixens on Facebook — because these ladies know how to do it plus-size style.  This is the page I go to when I’m looking for clothes. There are always links to good buys in there and always something uplifting to brighten my day.

Allrecipes.com — Where I go to find good recipes.  Seriously.  These folks have just about anything you’d ever want in there.

Zulily — Great place to shop! I can find things for me, my kids, my cat, my mom, everybody…

**More To Come**


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