HiTwo Lost Boys by L.F. Robertson

robertsonI’ll just jump right in and say, right off the bat, that this was a good book. Not a great book, not an exceptional book. But, good. It’s a good read. It was a little bit open ended as there were many strings left untied. That being said, it was a good distraction for a Tuesday afternoon when it was too hot outside to do much else. And, I would imagine it would be a great fall read for you folks, too. If I had to give a star rating, I would say THREE. Not four or five.

The characters weren’t as well lifelike as I would have desired. It’s a good legal drama, but if I don’t feel any attachment to the people these big legal things are happening to, I frankly just don’t give a shit.

But, I would always encourage my blog readers to find out for themselves. You may enjoy it far better than I did. Or you might absolutely hate it. You just have to figure that out on your own. I will say that I’d like to read more of the author’s work, though, as it appears she has short stories published in some Sherlock Holmes anthologies. When I have more information on those, I will let you all know. Until then, here’s a blurb and a link!

Janet Moodie has spent years as a death row appeals attorney. Overworked and recently widowed, she’s had her fill of hopeless cases, and is determined that this will be her last. Her client is Marion ‘Andy’ Hardy, convicted along with his brother Emory of the rape and murder of two women. But Emory received a life sentence while Andy got the death penalty, labeled the ringleader despite his low IQ and Emory’s dominant personality.

Convinced that Andy’s previous lawyers missed mitigating evidence that would have kept him off death row, Janet investigates Andy’s past. She discovers a sordid and damaged upbringing, a series of errors on the part of his previous counsel, and most worrying of all, the possibility that there is far more to the murders than was first thought. Andy may be guilty, but does he deserve to die?


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